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Aesthetic treatments for men – Our most requested treatments from male clients

Aesthetic treatments for men – Our most requested treatments from male clients

Aesthetic treatments for men have increased hugely in popularity over the last few years and it’s not unusual for men to book in for a regular treatment at their favourite aesthetic clinic. A secret that used to be kept firmly under the hat, is now more commonly discussed over a drink between friends.

There are many treatments that are popular amongst men including anti-ageing treatments, enhancement treatments, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) treatment and skin rejuvenation treatments.

“I am seeing more and more men in clinic every month. Jawline fillers and facial contouring is becoming increasingly popular and tear trough fillers are also a highly requested treatment.” Dr Stephen Humble comments. “Anti-ageing injections have long been popular with men seeking age preventative treatments, but they are beginning to realise what a huge difference tear trough fillers can make to their overall appearance and vitality. Some are also seeking treatments to subtly alter their facial structure and enhance ‘typical’ masculine features such as defined jawlines, chins and cheeks.”  

Aesthetic treatments for men in-clinic

Below is a list of the most common aesthetic treatments we are performing for men at the Hedox Clinic:

Anti-Ageing injections

These are used to treat and reduce the forehead lines and crow’s feet that develop with expressions. They are a non-invasive treatment that consists of injecting certain areas of the skin such as the forehead (frontalis muscles), between the eyes (Corrugator and procerus muscle), around the eyes (Orbicularis Oculi muscles) and occasionally around the nose (Nasalis muscle).

Many men choose anti-ageing injections, as it smooths out lines and wrinkles and helps prevent the development of future lines.  It refreshes and rejuvenates their appearance and helps keep a youthful appearance.

Jawline and chin filler

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments used to add volume, plump up tissues, reduce lines and diminish wrinkles. Contouring with filler creates the ability to subtly alter the facial structure and increase definition and facial masculinity around the jawline and chin. They are ideal to create natural enhancements.

 Tear trough fillers

Tear trough filler is injectable filler treatment in the hollow area underneath the eye, where you may experience dark circles or ‘eye bags’. It can help reduce dark circles, reduce the loose skin and eye bags and offers eye rejuvenation. We use specialised methods and specific injectable filler for under eye treatments to achieve the very best results.

This treatment is a very popular treatment amongst men as it can make a huge difference to their overall appearance, making someone look less tired, refreshed and radiant. This is the one particular treatment that people will often notice how great you look, but not be able to pinpoint what you have had done or how you look different.

 Profhilo treatment

Profhilo is a ‘beneath the skin’, injectable hyaluronic acid treatment that increases dermal hydration and boosts the production of collagen, resulting in firmer, younger-looking skin. The treatment is a two-part treatment, four weeks apart. As it encourages your own body to make its own hyaluronic acid and collagen, the results improve over time, so your skin condition continues to restore. The popularity of this is building with men, as they are realising the benefits for their skin and what a difference it can make to their overall appearance.

Nose reshaping

Using dermal fillers, the nose can be subtly reshaped to help balance out the facial profile and improve symmetry. Noses can often be a feature that can cause low confidence and improving this can help immensely.

Medical-grade skincare

Skin rejuvenation using medical-grade topical products is very popular in the clinic. Lots of men come to Hedox Clinic for personal skin consultations with Dr Humble and then follow a tailored skincare regimen of cosmeceutical products. This ensures they have the appropriate products to get the best out of their skin, treat any concerns appropriately and achieve optimal skin health.


Botulinum treatment can be used for the treatment of excessive sweating. It is injected under the armpits to reduce sweat from the sweat glands. This can be especially problematic for some men and impact confidence significantly. This treatment is available in-clinic with Dr Stephen Humble.

“Aesthetic treatments for men are on the increase.  They want to look more youthful, improve their complexion and boost their confidence. Often, they get the idea or a recommendation from a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend and then once they see how simple and straightforward the treatments are, they give one a try.” Dr Humble says. “If you ensure that you do your research and visit a clinic with highly experienced cosmetic doctors with the relevant qualifications, you will be in good hands and can achieve great, subtle results that can make a real difference to your appearance and confidence.”

Dr Stephen Humble always recommends you have a consultation to discuss your requirements and what you would like to achieve prior to any aesthetic treatment.

If you would like to book in for an aesthetic consultation or treatment, contact us now on 0208 185 7273 or email us at info@hedoxclinic.co.uk

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