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Where are anti-wrinkle injections most effective?

Anti-wrinkle injections

Smoothing out wrinkles caused by naturally ageing skin or accelerated by sun damage is a quick, straightforward and safe process thanks to anti-ageing injections. Anti-ageing injections are particularly effective in the upper face and deliver excellent results.

Where is the best place to have anti-ageing injections?

A consultation with your Aesthetic Doctor will identify the main target areas for your treatment. However, there are common areas that are most effectively treated by anti-ageing injections.

Anti-ageing injections for the surprise lines on the forehead

The Frontalis muscles, which run along your forehead, from side to side and above your eyebrows can be injected. There are five characteristic areas across the forehead, that when injected, can reduce or get rid of the horizontal lines or the ‘surprise’ lines, as they are also known.

Anti-ageing injections for frown lines

The Corrugator muscles, immediately above your eyebrows (centrally) and the Procerus muscle, in between your eyebrows, above your nose can be injected at five distinct points. This area is involved in producing the frown expression and so the vertical ‘Elevens’ lines typically develop in between your eyebrows over time. Injecting this area can very effectively reduce the frown lines and prevent and reduce or get rid of the ‘Elevens’ lines, making you less stressed or cross.

Anti-ageing injections for crow’s feet

The angled little lines that are visible when you smile that look like Crow’s feet, can be easily targeted with anti-wrinkle injections into the Orbicularis Oculi muscles. There are three standard injection points depending on where the lines are on each client. Anti-ageing injections are particularly effective for Crow’s feet type lines.

Anti-ageing injections for creases under the eyes

The diagonal lines that appear over time at the side of the nose can be treated effectively with anti-ageing injections into the Nasalis muscle. The lines here are sometimes called ‘Bunny’ lines as they can look similar to the way a Bunny Rabbit wrinkles its nose. They can be minimised and prevented with regular anti-wrinkle injections.

Anti-ageing injections in the lower face

Although anti-ageing injections are most effective and most impactful in the upper part of the face, they can also be used in the lower part of the face.

Anti-ageing injections can be useful for treating the masseter muscle, for example, if someone grinds their teeth and this has become problematic, if this muscle is really enlarged or if this muscle is pulling down the skin, then anti-ageing injections can provide a bit of a lift here.

There are other areas that can be injected, but are less commonly carried out as they do not provide such dramatic results. These include injecting the upper lip, to help improve a ‘Gummy smile’ and injecting the neck if someone has platysma bands (commonly known as ‘Turkey neck’), you can loosen the contraction of the platysma bands and have less of a ‘Turkey neck’ and therefore a younger looking neck and more defined jawline.

The upper face if definitely the most effective area for anti-ageing injections and offers the most consistent and dramatic difference in reducing the appearance in wrinkles. Your aesthetic doctor should always advice whether these injections would be suitable and beneficial for you at your consultation.

If you would like to discuss anti-ageing injections or any other treatment further, please contact the Hedox Clinic to arrange a free remote consultation on 0208 185 7273 or email us at info@hedoxclinic.co.uk

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