Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are the small lines that sit diagonally across the nose and can be seen when scrunching up the face. Similar to crow’s feet, they are caused by repeated movement and expressions involving the upper-third of the face, especially around the eyes and eyebrows, though they can be worsened by various lifestyle and environmental factors such as poor skincare and smoking. They can also be caused by over-zealous anti-ageing injections elsewhere, leaving other muscles to pick up the work.

At Hedox Clinic, these small lines can be eliminated by anti-wrinkle injections.  When used aesthetically, the injectable relaxes fine lines and wrinkles by freezing the underlying muscle, and can last for up to six months, or longer in certain people.  Bunny lines can be tackled for £200 and in one clinic visit with our very own Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Stephen Humble. Book in today for a consultation with Dr Humble and together a treatment plan can be personalised for your unique skincare concerns. One short treatment is all that is needed to get rid of these pesky fine lines for up to six months.

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