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Migraine headaches

Migraine is a chronic condition which can result in frequent episodic headaches. They are often associated with sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting as well as the presence of an ‘aura’, an early warning sign of migraine that commonly features visual symptoms such as flashing lights. Chronic migraine headaches can be disabling but please do not suffer any longer - here at Hedox Clinic, we have an effective treatment

For those people where simple painkillers and preventative measures have not helped, muscle relaxant toxin injections are an incredibly attractive and effective treatment option.  Toxin injections for migraine headache are affordable and can help reduce both the frequency and severity of migraine headache, thereby significantly improving quality of life. In clinical studies, toxin injections provided a significant benefit after the first treatment and this improved with subsequent treatments.  Repeated treatment is safe and can be done every 12 weeks (or longer in many cases), depending on your progress. Book in to see Dr Stephen Humble, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Anaesthesia and Aesthetic Medicine, who will design a personalised treatment plan. The muscle relaxing toxin is injected into specific areas in the head and can be done in just one clinic visit, so call in today and let us get you on your way towards headache-free days.