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Did you know that we offer expert cortisone injection treatments for painful conditions? Hedox Clinic is home to highly experienced Harley Street Consultants in Interventional Pain Medicine. We offer effective solutions for a host of pain disorders including:

·        Lower back pain and sciatica

·        Sacroiliac (SIJ) pain

·        Facet joint syndrome

·        Headache and migraine

·        Occipital neuralgia

·        Painful neck spasms and shoulder pain

·        Tennis elbow pain

·        Hip bursitis and acute, severe knee pain

·        Sports injuries

We run these specialist cortisone injection clinics on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Dr Stephen Humble in Harley Street and one Friday a month in Twickenham. You can check live availability and book online here (for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)  for Tuesday availability, you’ll need to email us or call us.

The Hedox Clinic offers a comprehensive range of ultra-sound guided pain relief injections including:

·       Cortisone/Steroid injections

·       Ultra-sound guided injections

·       Epidurals for back pain and sciatica

·       Facet joint pain injections

·       Sacroiliac joint injections

·       Occipital nerve blocks

·       Hip bursa injections

·       Botox treatment for migraine

·       X-Ray, MRI and ultrasound scanning referrals

Book online now for your pain relief injections with our experienced Consultants, or get in touch if you have any questions on info@hedoxclinic.com or 0208 185 7273