Cortisone steroid injections with Dr Humble

We offer a variety of ultrasound guided and landmark technique joint pain and muscle pain injections with Dr Humble at the Hedox Clinic.

As well as being a talented aesthetic doctor, Dr Humble is a highly experienced Consultant in Interventional Pain Medicine, with a special expertise in ultrasound guided steroid injections for joint pains, bursitis, back pain, headaches and other conditions even including hay fever and allergic asthma.

Dr Humble can treat many painful conditions with simple and convenient injections, subject to assessment. These can be carried out at our consulting rooms in Harley Street and Twickenham. 

Pain relief injections available at the Hedox Clinic:

  1. Cortisone steroid injections

Are you looking for joint pain relief? Cortisone steroid can be injected into joints and soft tissue around the body to provide rapid pain relief.  Cortisone is very similar to a steroid which is produced by the body and can have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect to help reduce pain, heat, inflammation and swelling.

What are the benefits of cortisone injections?

Cortisone injections reduce inflammation, which will help reduce pain.  Once the pain has been reduced and movement has been improved, this facilitates rehabilitation, physiotherapy and/or an exercise program to help improve things further.  

The effectiveness of cortisone injections may vary from person to person. Some have excellent results with a vast reduction in pain lasting a good period of time, whilst others may experience a partial improvement.

Where are cortisone injections generally effective?

Cortisone injections can be useful for:

  • Shoulder pain and osteoarthritis
  • Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •  Pain in the wrist and hand
  • Low back pain and sacroiliitis
  • Pain in the hip joint area and bursitis
  • IT band syndrome
  • Knee pain
  • Hay fever, allergies or severe asthma
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2. Intramuscular injections for allergies and hay fever

Do you suffer from severe hay fever symptoms such as watery or itchy eyes, nasal congestion or a constant runny nose and sneezing but don’t get relief from the usual hay fever remedies, then intramuscular injections of corticosteroid could help you!

The intramuscular injections into the gluteal muscle (into the buttock) offers patients enhanced protection from the physical symptoms of hay fever that can be bothersome and uncomfortable and prolonged.

3. Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections may be effective for conditions such as muscular spasm/tightness, myofascial pain or fibromyalgia. Trigger point injections are injections of local anaesthetic into the trigger points. Subject to assessment, these can also include a combination of cortisone and/or Botulinum Toxin A (Botox©).

The aim of a trigger point injection is to relax the area of intense muscle spasm. This helps to reduce the residual pain associated with the spasm. A trigger point is a tight band of muscle that has developed as a result of the muscle spasming and failing to relax afterwards, as it should. This can then ‘entrap’ or irritate surrounding nerves and cause referred pain, which is often felt in another part of the body. Trigger-point injections are used to treat painful trigger points to minimise their impact and facilitate rapid engagement with physical rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections aim to relax the muscle spasm and reduce the associated pain.  They may also help to relieve associated symptoms of stiffness or restricted movement.

Where are trigger points generally effective?

Trigger point injections can be effective in many areas, these include:

  • Base of the neck
  • Shoulders
  • Spine
  • Lower back

4. Botulinum Toxin A trigger point injections

Similar to trigger point injections above, but with the addition of Botulinum Toxin A. This is often added to trigger point injections where pain relief may last a short period of time.  It produces a longer lasting trigger point injection. Botulinum Toxin A can induce muscle relaxation which may have an analgesic benefit. Your doctor would advise whether or not this should be included in your treatment.

5. Migraine Injection treatment with Botulinum Toxin A

Do you suffer from migraines? You can have this treatment if you have already been diagnosed with migraines or you can book an ‘Assess and Treat’ appointment if you’re yet to be diagnosed but are looking for a solution to your regular headaches.

Botulinum Toxin A injections for migraine headaches consists of injections across 7 specific muscle groups around the head and neck (up to 31 injection points in total). Botulinum Toxin A is injected across the frontalis (the forehead), the corrugators (near the inner eyes), temporalis (temples), procerus (between the eyebrows), the occipital (back of the head), cervical paraspinal (top of neck) and trapezius (base of the neck).

By reducing muscle activity in these areas, symptoms and severity of migraines can be significantly reduced.  Patients get long lasting benefit from this treatment, with reductions in both the frequency and the intensity of migraines observed. In some cases, repeat injections are required every six months. This therapy can help patients reduce their dependence on pharmaceutical medications for migraines and can be an excellent treatment option for migraine sufferers.

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