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COVID-19 Safe Valentines Day in London

What to Do this Valentines Day in London

The most romantic day of the year, and where better to spend it than London. A city full of culture with a range of attractions and historic landmarks, and stunning parks, London really is the perfect place to celebrate your love.

Although the city is under current lockdown restrictions, there are still a number of multiple experiences you can indulge in on Valentines day. It’s advisable to check the COVID-19 restrictions before making any plans should there be any changes to current government advice. With that being said let’s take a look at how you can celebrate Valentine’s day 2021!

Grab a Take Away from Camden Market

The infamous Camden Market is such a fun and unique place to visit, full of eateries with unique products and dishes it’s no surprise why Camden Market is a longstanding favourite of Londoners. Although due to COVID-19 restrictions the market is closed, you can still order some truly delicious food to takeaway and enjoy in the warmth and comfort of your home.

Picnic at Hyde Park

Although government advice asks you to remain at home, there is still the option of a stroll with your loved one around the beautiful Hyde Park. Take in the views while sipping on a coffee and grabbing a slice of cake as you walk around.

Take a Mixology Class

If you fancied a drink with your loved one, why not take a mixology class from the very comfort of your OWN home!? The Last Talisman is offering a mixology class on Zoom from 8-9 PM on February 13, 2021. In this mixology class you and your significant other can learn three classic cocktails, once signed up you will be given a list of all ingredients you need, along with some valentines day chocolates to share.

Explore the City

Play a tourist in your own city as you explore the best of what the city has to offer. As we tend to overlook the touristy spots in our cities, what better way to spend the day with your loved one exploring this city and unfurling all of its secrets? Learn more about what your partner loves about this city and their favourite places as you embark on this adventure together!

Are you Ready to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in London?

Due to the current lockdown, it is advised that you stay home. While celebrating Valentine’s Day in London at home, you can watch a movie, have an indoor picnic, take a mixology class, or even solve a murder mystery online — the options are endless!

However, if you are keen on heading out, keep an eye on the government-mandated COVID-19 regulations and make plans as per your discretion. We also advise that you check the opening status and timings of each attraction prior to making plans, in case they are subject to change.

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