Crows Feet / Laughter Lines

Lines around the eyes

These lines are known affectionately as laughter lines due to smiling causing the skin creasing in the area.  Far less affectionately they’re called crow’s feet!  They develop because of thinning skin due to changes in collagen and elastin production and sun damage, as well as repeated movements of the muscles in this area.  High grade skincare options such as the Obagi Elastiderm range can help to smooth their appearance and anti-ageing injections can act both as a preventative measure to keep them at bay, but also to banish them in the first place.

At Hedox Clinic, we work with leading cosmeceutical skincare brands such as Obagi Medical to keep your skin looking its best, inside and out, so you can get the most from your treatment holistically.  Anti-wrinkle injections are great for treating these dynamic, expressive lines, while cosmeceutical skincare will help to care for your entire face.

Frown lines can be banished in just one clinic visit, so please get in touch for a consultation.

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