'Dynamic' Facial Lines

Forehead lines

Our skin bears the brunt of many stresses as we age, including sun exposure, poor skin care, poor diet and various other lifestyle choices like smoking. In addition to this environmental onslaught, natural production of collagen and elastin – the proteins that give skin its youthful and plump appearance – slow down and this makes the skin ‘hang’, giving rise to fine lines and wrinkles. Loss of facial volume also occurs as we age; changes in facial contours through loss of fat, bone and cartilage gives a sunken and drooping appearance to the skin.

Forehead lines or ‘surprise lines’ describe the thin horizontal lines that appear on the forehead when the eyebrows are raised.  At first, these lines are thin and temporary but over time, repeated movement of the muscles of the eyebrows and forehead can lead to more permanent, deeper lines. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity and, combined with a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors, this can also lead to or worsen fine lines and wrinkles.

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Anti-ageing injections relax the muscles, can lead to a fresher and more relaxed appearance.  The treatment can be done in one clinic visit by Dr Stephen Humble, our Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine, who can provide a treatment plan tailor-made to alleviate your individual concerns.  Treatments are quick, and you will see results within just a few days that last for on average three to six months, sometimes longer, depending on your physiology.

Frown lines – the ’11s’

Frown lines are the two lines that appear between the eyebrows and are sometimes known affectionately as the ’11s’ due to their vertical appearance. They develop because of thinning skin due to changes in collagen and elastin production and sun damage, as well as repetitive movements of the muscles in this area, including frowning. There are incredibly effective ways to treat these lines, both as a preventative measure to keep them at bay, but also to banish them in the first place. The injectable treatment freezes the muscle, relaxing the look of fine lines, but in doing so prevents future wrinkling too – a double whammy!

Contact us today to book in for a medical aesthetic consultation to discuss your concerns and we will recommend a treatment plan for you.  We work with leading cosmeceutical skincare brands to keep your skin looking its best, inside and out, so you can get the most from your treatment.  Anti-wrinkle injections are great for treating these dynamic, expressive lines, while cosmeceutical skincare will help to care for your entire face.

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