Masseter Muscle
& Teeth Grinding

The master muscles are amongst the most powerful muscles in the body and can exert a great deal of force through the jaw and the teeth. If they become too big they can cause serious dental problems and result in a jaw that looks too square. 

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The masseter muscle is one of the main four muscles involved in chewing and sits between the cheekbone and the lower jaw. The cause of the majority of masseter muscle enlargement cases is unknown, however numerous factors such as poor dental structure and the shape of the temporomandibular joint are thought to play a role. As it is one of the main muscles of the lower face, the masseter muscle plays an important role in facial aesthetics and many people with masseter muscle enlargement complain of facial asymmetry (as well as other symptoms such as grinding of the teeth).

While there are surgical options for reducing the size of the masseter muscle, these are invasive, costly, necessitate recovery/downtime, and are associated with various side effects. As an alternative treatment, here at Hedox Clinic, we can treat this with muscle relaxing injections. This is a quick and painless procedure with virtually no side effects. Muscle relaxant treatment for masseter muscle enlargement costs £400 and results can be seen in as little as six weeks, with the effects lasting around six months to one year, sometimes longer depending on individual physiology.

Book in today to see one of our Consultants in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Stephen Humble and Dr Susan Basi, who, after discussing any concerns, can design a treatment plan to reduce the bulk of the muscle, restoring balance to the face. Regular muscle relaxant treatment in this area is safe and can provide longer lasting and more effective results as the muscle becomes smaller in size and less active – so don’t delay, book in today for a consultation with Dr Humble or Dr Basi.

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