Hedox Clinic consultations - how they work

We offer consultations and treatment at our clinics in Harley Street and central Twickenham, with enough time built into your initial consultation so that you can go ahead with treatment on the day if you wish, but you’re more than welcome to come back another day if you prefer.  Dr Humble sees clients at both locations, and Dr Basi sees clients at Harley Street on Saturdays.

We take a £50 deposit via card of Paypal invoice at the time of booking your appointment, which is fully redeemable against any treatment or products, whether taken on the day of your initial consultation or any other day.  We always offer complimentary reviews following any injectable treatment, as it’s very important to us that you’re happy with your results.  

We offer discounts for packages of injectable treatments taken in the same sitting, and we offer 10% off via a refund if you consent to us using your ‘before & after’ photos for promotional purposes.  Ask us about how this works and check out our gallery of ‘Before & After’ photos here.