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Increase the volume and definition of your lips for fuller and plumper lips – without any scars!

Dermal Lip Filler London

Here at Hedox Clinic, we offer lip fillers including volumisers and dermal fillers, the lip enhancement treatments that we offer can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months, this will be dependent on the amount of filler used and the area that has been treated. We can also address the fine lines around the lips and loss of volume as well as an anti-ageing solution around the lip area. The dermal lip filler augmentations that we offer are an ideal solution as they’re both quick and effective. At Hedox, our natural lip filler treatments are versatile when it comes to the production of long-lasting, natural-looking treatments that are used to add volume. For more information including our lip filler prices, contact the Hedox Clinic today for a consultation, we’re known for providing the best lip fillers in London.

Lip fillers (also referred to as lip injections) enhance the volume and natural look of your lips, without the need for surgery. Lip enhancement treatments can be used to augment the shape of lips and improve definition. At our clinics in London, we only use premium grade clinical lip fillers to give our clients results that are noticeable, yet subtle and natural.

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Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

40 minutes total appointment time, including 20-30 minutes treatment time.


1ml = £290

Number Of Treatments


Recovery Time / Final Results

24-48 hours* / After one week

Post Treatment Skincare / Maintenance​

As advised by your practitioner

Duration of Results

6-8 months

* Please avoid the following post-treatment:

- Touching the treated area or applying makeup for the remainder of the day
- Sleeping or lying down for a minimum of 3 hours
- Increasing blood flow to the face for 24 hours (e.g. vigorous exercise, sauna, alcohol, spicy foods, air travel)
- Massaging the treated area and tight fitting hats/helmets for 3 days if treatment was to the forehead area
- Exfoliation or peels
- Sun exposure; daily protection to the skin with SPF 30-50 is strongly recommend (includes tinted SPF)

Natural Lip Filler Enhancements

Natural Lip Filler Enhancements

If you’re looking for the best place to get lip fillers in London, you’ve come to the right place, at Hedox Clinic we offer a professional dermal lip filler service. When you come along for a consultation with our cosmetic filler experts, we’ll discuss your goals and help to determine the best course of action that suits your specific requirements. At Hedox Clinic we specialise in providing a number of non-surgical lip fillers and enhancements across London and the surrounding areas. The dermal fillers that we use are safe and perfect for adding volume to your lips as well as anti-ageing around the lip area.

The lip shaping and volumisation that we offer is the perfect way to enhance your look, when you come to Hedox Clinic for lip fillers, you leave feeling and looking like never before. It’s a popular treatment and is known for providing excellent and instant results. We would usually treat the following with lip fillers;

Lip Volume

Smokers Lines 

While dermal fillers aren’t permanent, they can last anywhere between 6 and 24 months. They’re considered a safe and natural way to fill and restore volume, giving your smoother and youthful-looking lips. At Hedox Clinic, helping you to feel your best is our priority, for more information on the dermal filler cosmetic treatments that we offer in London, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Best Lip Fillers London

If you are looking for the best lip fillers in London then you have come to the right place. Hedox Clinic has been providing individuals who both live and work in London with high-quality and affordable lip fillers for a number of years now, we are renowned for the services we offer for patients who visit our Harley Street clinic. Whether you are looking to attend our Harley Street clinic or one of our other clinics throughout London, you can rest assured that our professional and trained team will help you achieve the desired results. To book an initial FREE consultation with the team at Hedox get in touch with us today.

Lip Filler Correction

Over the years we have had a number of patients come to use to correct lip fillers that have gone wrong. It is vitally important to book with a trained and qualified specialist when you are looking to have lip fillers, or you may find yourself looking for lip filler correction services. Here at Hedox Clinic you can rest assured that all of our team have undergone years of practice and training to ensure that they are skilled and qualified to ensure you receive the highest standard of lip augmentation available, and the best possible service. If you do find that you have been left with lip filler gone wrong, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Hedox who can work with you to correct the lip filler.

Lip Filler Prices

Here at Hedox Clinic in London, our dermal filler pricing starts at £290 for 1.0ml, however, we prefer to tailor each package specifically to suit you and your requirements. At the consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and desired results for the lip enhancements, we’ll then consider your facial features and structure before deciding on the right type of lip filler treatment. Where possible, we will aim to not price per syringe, you can click here to read our lip fillers London reviews and testimonials from our customers. 

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Why choose Hedox Clinic?

At Hedox Clinic all aesthetic treatments and injections are performed by Dr Humble, an expert qualified at Level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine, the highest level of qualification in the UK. At our clinics in London, we only use premium products to deliver our expert injections.

We offer a FREE consultation with Dr Humble prior to all our aesthetic treatments

Treatments administered by doctors qualified in aesthetic medicine

We specialise in delivering natural, symmetrical and youthful results

Treatments performed at hygienic and safe clinical locations around London

Dedicated and friendly support team to answer your queries and take your bookings

Naturally, Enhance Your Lips With Hedox Clinic

If you are looking for beautiful and plump looking lips in London, get in touch with the team at Hedox Clinic today, the best lip filler clinic in London. We offer FREE initial consultations to discuss your requirements and desires, with our complete aftercare service you are sure to leave our clinic with natural-looking lips that accentuate your smile.