Lip Volume & Definition

Thin lips tend to be thought of as something we are born with; however, lips can lose their oomph both due to changes in collagen production in the lips as we age, but also due to the weakening of the muscles in this area.  Combined, these two factors can lead to thinner looking lips as well as wrinkles around the mouth, sometimes known as smoking lines (though they do also develop in non-smokers too). If you would like fuller lips (both lips, or maybe just your upper lip) or if you would just like to add back a bit of volume that has depleted over the years, dermal fillers are a brilliant treatment option.  Dermal fillers used at Hedox Clinic are made from the naturally occurring substance, hyaluronic acid, which is very safe and clinically tested.

The treatment involves injecting the substance into the lips to restore volume and fullness, but it can also be used to sculpt the perfect pout by adding definition to the lip border. Depending on the exact filler, the effects last up to one year. The cost of this treatment is from £250. Please book in with our Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Stephen Humble, who can provide you with a personalised consultation as well as accurate pricing information based on your treatment goals.  Call in today and let us get you on your way to natural looking and luscious full lips.
From £250
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