Epidural steroid injections are the simplest type of spinal injection used to treat back pain associated with sciatica. If a spinal disc has herniated (or slipped) it results in significant pain and inflammation. An epidural injection is a way of injecting anaesthetic and cortisone directly to the affected area especially when more than one spinal disc is affected. This technique can often be used to treat pain and inflammation and therefore promote healing of the disc in cases of osteoarthritis of the spine at multiple levels, where surgery would not be appropriate. Epidural injections are performed in the outpatient operating theatre and there is no need for an overnight stay. Fluoroscopic (X-ray) guidance is used to ensure safety and accuracy. Patients can walk in and out within a few hours ensuring minimal time away from work and home. Physical therapy will then usually be recommended to help the patient rehabilitate and strengthen the muscles around the spine. In cases where a single spinal disc and/or spinal nerve is affected a transforaminal epidural would be indicated rather than a standard epidural steroid injection. The decision would be made by your specialist after physical assessment and investigations such as MRI scans.

Here at the London Interventional Clinic, our consultants, Dr Stephen Humble and Dr Arun Bhaskar, regularly treat patients successfully with epidural injections, in combination with anti-inflammatories, exercises and outpatient procedures. Get in touch with a member of our team who would be happy to discuss your requirements and the options for appointments available to you.

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