Joint Treatment London

If you’re looking for a treatment to help with joint pain you are experiencing, get in touch with the team at London Interventional Clinic.  Pain can affect any joint in the body, but it is particularly common in the shoulders, hips, ankles and knees. Joints provide the connectivity between bones, supporting the body and enabling mobility.  Damage to the joints can develop through injury, illness or wear and tear, and when this occurs joint movement can be affected and pain experienced.

Joint pain can affect anyone, of any age, young or old.  Whatever the cause of your joint pain, contact the team at London Interventional Clinic to discuss the joint pain treatments available for you.  We will work with you to develop an effective treatment plan that is personal to you and the joint pain that you are experiencing.

Common Joint Pain

Joint pain is common across all ages. Here at London Interventional Clinic, we have successfully treated individual patients with a range of different joint problems including:

  • Knee joint pain
  • Hip joint pain
  • Ankle joint pain
  • Elbow joint pain
  • Shoulder joint pain
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Facet joint paint

Whichever type of joint pain you are experiencing, get in touch with the team at London Interventional Clinic. We can provide patients throughout London and the surrounding areas with a range of joint pain treatments.

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Radio-frequency Denervation Procedure 

Radio-frequency denervation treatment is a treatment that is offered to patients throughout London who are suffering from severe joint paint. It is generally offered to patients who have already tried more conservative treatments, and if diagnostic injections have been successful, our consultants may proceed with radio-frequency procedures for longer lasting results.

The radio-frequency denervation procedure involves a specialised needle being inserted into the patient’s affected area, under local anaesthetic and x ray guidance. Radio-frequency waves then heat the tip of the needle which is used to treat the nerve ending, the clinical aim being to stop the brain from receiving pain signals from the nerves. If you are suffering from chronic joint pain in London, and want to discuss radio-frequency treatment options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the friendly and professional team at London Interventional Clinic.

Why Choose London Interventional Clinic

At the London Interventional Clinic, we have a holistic approach to treating your condition our consultants will first see you for an initial consultation at any of our clinics throughout London to assess your history and examine you in order to make recommendations as to a treatment plan. Your bespoke plan may include medication, investigations, minimally invasive pain management techniques, physical therapy-based rehabilitation, or onward referrals to allied healthcare providers (such as a shoulder specialist). We will take care of the arrangements for any stage of your treatment plan; arranging private prescriptions, MRIs, treatments (outpatient therapy and day case procedures) and referrals for physical therapy and other expert input.
You will be assessed and treated holistically, taking into account all clinical and lifestyle factors that may be affecting or impacting on your condition. Usually your consultant will want to review you periodically but this will be outlined as part of your plan.