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Medical Grade Skincare

We stock the best skincare brands in the world, such as ZO Skin Health and Obagi and we’ll be happy to advise a bespoke skincare regime for you. Whether you have dry, sensitive skin or oily acne-prone skin or any combination in between we can recommend the best products to maximise your skin health and at the same time enjoy a smooth and glowing complexion.

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Look and Feel Your Best with Hedox Clinic’s Skin Treatments

Do you want to revitalise your dull, tired skin and bring back that natural, healthy glow? Look no further than Hedox Clinic, where we provide a wide range of skin treatments to target any of your skincare needs! Whether it’s dealing with uneven skin tone, premature skin ageing, or just wanting younger, fresher, and healthier skin, we can help.

Consultation and Treatment Plans

To assess your skin and provide the best skincare treatments available, we offer thorough consultations with Dr Humble who will discuss your skin type, specific concerns, and goals for the end results. After that, we’ll provide a tailored treatment plan that will help you achieve the desired outcome.

Book Your Consultation Today

Ready to get started? Book your consultation today and get started on the path to beautiful skin! We require a £50 deposit at the time of booking which is redeemable against any purchases, making the consultation completely free of charge. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0208 185 7273 if you have any questions or concerns leading up to the consultation. At Hedox Clinic, we understand that everyone’s skin is unique and that’s why we offer bespoke treatments designed to provide you with the best possible results. You deserve to feel your best, so book your consultation today and start your journey to achieving stunning skin!

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Book Your Consultation Today

Are you ready to take the first step towards smoother, youthful-looking skin? It all begins with a complimentary consultation and assessment with our Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Stephen Humble. During your consultation, Dr Humble will listen to your concerns and recommend the most suitable treatment options to help you achieve your desired results.

So why wait? Book your consultation today!

What is Dr Humble's secret skincare weapon?

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What is Dr Humble's approach to his bespoke 10 Years' Younger Non-Surgical FaceLift?

Can I treat facial asymmetry? Dr Humble's discusses how to treat asymmetry of the face

Bespoke Botox treatment for teeth grinding and jawline slimming

What happens at my medical consultation?

We will gather some information about you and talk to you about your concerns, your skincare routine and your health.

Your assessment will always be with Dr Stephen Humble, a highly qualified Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine, and he will recommend treatment options for you.

What is recommended to you will be specific to you and based on thorough assessment and discussion.

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What are the treatments available?

We offer expert advice regarding ageing and sun-exposed skin from an aesthetic doctor with the highest qualification available in the UK, dermal fillers to increase volume that has been lost, highly efficacious medical skincare systems that WORK, and anti ageing injections that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines for a more youthful and refreshed look.

All of our treatment options are perfectly safe to use and an effective alternative to surgery.

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What happens to the face with ageing?

As we age, the skin texture, skin tone, the elasticity and the thickness decreases so we have thinner, looser skin and, at the same time, we have volume loss of the underlying bone structure, so it becomes thinner. This results in a thinner looking face, particularly the upper face. The looser skin tends to descend with gravity and this accentuates wrinkles that you can get from the nose to the side of the mouth, called the nasolabial lines, and also jowls.

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What can I do to improve nasolabial lines and jowls?

You can help improve nasolabial lines and jowls with injectable medicine techniques. The upper face and masseter muscles at the side of the jaw can be targeted with anti-ageing injections to reduce the pull of the skin down and you can reduce the volume loss with the use of dermal filler directly onto the bony structure of the face in order to restore volume. This also helps to hold up the skin that has a tendency to sag down.

That’s how you can essentially affect a non-surgical facelift through these injectable techniques.

  • Horizontal frown lines across the forehead
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Crow’s feet next to the eyes
  • Masseter muscle enlargement
  • Bunny lines on the nose
  • Migraine headaches

Why choose Hedox Clinic?

At Hedox Clinic all aesthetic treatments and injections are performed by Dr Humble, an expert qualified at Level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine, the highest level of qualification in the UK. At our clinics in West London, we only use premium products to deliver our expert injections.

  • We offer a FREE consultation with Dr Humble prior to medical grade skincare purchases and aesthetic injectable treatments
  • Treatments administered by doctors qualified in aesthetic medicine
  • We specialise in delivering natural, symmetrical and youthful results
  • Treatments performed at hygienic and safe clinical locations around West London
  • A dedicated and friendly support team to answer your queries and take your bookings

Create healthy skin with Hedox Clinic

Improve your skin’s radiance with the team at Hedox Clinic we offer the best medical grade products that will create healthy-looking skin with a radiant glow and collagen growth. For more information or to book your medical-grade skincare consultation be sure to get in touch with our aesthetic professionals today.

A £50 deposit is required upon booking but this fee is redeemable against any skincare purchases, making the consultation FREE OF CHARGE.



Boosting Your Confidence with Radiant Skin

It’s no secret that looking good makes you feel good, and when it comes to your skin, it’s hard to ignore the confidence-boosting effects of having a healthy and glowing complexion. But sometimes it can be difficult to look past skin issues like flaky skin and dead skin cells that build up on the skin barrier.

At Hedox Clinic, we understand the importance of achieving radiant skin and help you do this with tailored treatments that target your specific needs. Whether that’s improving the blood flow to the face or aiding the skin’s natural repair process, we provide a variety of treatments to help you restore and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Our approach to skin care is comprehensive; from exfoliating enzyme masks to vitamin C treatments and customised skincare packages for acne prevention and treatment, we have something to suit everyone. To learn more about our services and how we can help you boost your confidence with radiant skin, get in touch with our friendly team today on 0208 185 7273, via email info@hedoxclinic.co.uk or simply book your consultation online now! 

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