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Reshape your nose without undergoing a costly or permanent surgical procedure.

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Also known as a non-surgical nose job, nose filler, a liquid nose job and non-surgical rhinoplasty, a nasal bridge filler is a cosmetic treatment that uses dermal filler and involves nose reshaping by smoothing out bumps and uneven contours on the nose bridge and can be used to restructure the shape of nostrils and fix a crooked nose. The highly qualified team at Hedox Clinic offer the best nasal bridge filler treatments to our customers and clients. Many people aren’t happy with the natural shape of their nose for a variety of reasons, such as bumps or dips in the bridge of the nose or nose tip, which can create an asymmetrical appearance. This treatment can shape your nose for anywhere between 12 and 18 months depending on the amount of hyaluronic acid filler used. The team at Hedox Clinic can combine this effective treatment with anti-ageing treatment, such as a tear trough filler and filling the nasolabial folds,  or cheek fillers to create a more striking appearance, however, nasal bridge fillers typically help to maintain a more natural look. 

Nasal bridge fillers are a form of dermal filler treatment that reshapes your nose bridge and the tip of the nose without having to undergo expensive and invasive surgery. Unlike a traditional surgical rhinoplasty, there are no incisions which mean no scarring, there are fewer side effects during recovery, the process is completely reversible, and there is minimal disruption to your everyday life. The procedure takes as little as 20 minutes to complete so the team here at Hedox Clinic can see you at a time that suits your schedule. Our expert team also offer a FREE consultation that allows us to assess what treatment options are available to you and determine the price for the treatment. 

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Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

40 minutes per appointment, including 20-30 minutes treatment time


Price on assessment but from

Number Of Treatments

Usually over 2 or more sittings, dependant on requirements

Recovery Time

72 hours to 1 week, following which any swelling or bruising will subside.

** See Below

Duration Of Results

12-18 months

Final Results

Can be seen within 1 week

** The following should be avoided after treatment:

- Unnecessarily touching the treated area or using makeup for the rest of the day
- Sleeping or lying down for at least 3 hours after treatment
- Increasing blood flow to the face for 24 hours (i.e. vigorous exercise, sauna, alcohol, spicy foods, air travel)
- Massaging the treated area and tight fitting hats/helmets for 3 days if treatment was to the forehead area
- Exfoliation or peels
- Sun exposure; always protect skin with SPF 30-50 (tinted SPF is fine)

Best Non-Surgical Nose Jobs London

If you are looking for the best nasal bridge filler in London then you have come to the right place. Our licensed specialists at Hedox Clinic have been providing high-quality non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment using hyaluronic acid to those living or working in London at an affordable price for years. Whether you’re coming to our Harley Street Clinic or our branch in Twickenham, we can promise you that our professionally trained team are an expert in facial aesthetics and will help you achieve the results you desire. We offer an initial FREE face to face consultation so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

Specialist Nose Fillers

When it comes to providing the best nose fillers in London, the Hedox Clinic team is highly experienced and trained when it comes to delivering the best nose fillers for reshaping your nose. A minimally invasive procedure, nose fillers work to smooth out a moderate bump and natural contours and alter the nasal tip to create a straighter, more symmetrical appearance. The dermal filler injections can also be used to fix hooked noses and reconstruct the nostrils, providing a range of options to our patients for their non-surgical nose job. Nose fillers are often used as an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty for several reasons. There is minimal recovery time meaning you can resume your everyday life the very day you receive treatment, there is some minor swelling to be expected but our patients experience very little pain during and post-treatment.

Nose fillers are an excellent way to enhance your look. The nose sits at the very centre of your face and feeling unhappy with the shape and appearance of your nose can be distressing, this is why our highly qualified team at Hedox Clinic are specially trained to give you the best non-surgical alternative to a nose job. This treatment can last as long as 18 months and is a natural way to reshape the nose bridge and nose tip. Our priority is providing top of the line beauty treatments to our clients to give them the nose they always wanted and boost confidence in their appearance. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team at Hedox Clinic, we are on hand to meet all your nasal bridge filler needs.

Why choose Hedox Clinic?

At Hedox Clinic all aesthetic treatments and injections are performed by Dr Humble, an expert qualified at Level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine, the highest level of qualification in the UK. At our clinics in West London, we only use premium products to deliver our expert injections.

  • We offer a FREE consultation with Dr Humble prior to all our aesthetic treatments
  • Treatments administered by doctors qualified in aesthetic medicine
  • We specialise in delivering natural, symmetrical and youthful results
  • Treatments are performed at hygienic and safe clinical locations around West London
  • Dedicated and friendly support team to answer your queries and take your bookings