ZO Calming Toner pH Balancer

ZO Calming Toner Ph Balancer, 180ml

Calming Toner, pH Balancer

This calming, cooling toner boosts the absorption of therapeutic treatments by cleansing and removing any impurities from the skin and stabilising the pH balance of weak skin. This toner also exfoliates the skin, leaving even dry or sensitive skin invigorated. A nourishing blend of ingredients help soothe and heal treated skin.

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ZO Calming Toner pH Balancer – Benefits

  • A unique combination of solvents, astringents and exfoliants thoroughly clears and cleanses the skin
  • An exclusive blend of moisturisers, conditioners and hydrators helps calm, soothe and heal treated skin
  • Gentle, cooling sensation adds a new level of comfort to skin problems.


Size 180 ml

pH Approximately 3.2


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