ZO Correct & Conceal Acne Treatment – Light

ZO Correct & Conceal Acne Treatment Light, 2.5g

Zo Skin Correct & Conceal Light is a treatment specifically created to not only combat the bacteria causing spots and acne, but also to simultaneously cover and conceal the blemishes and erase the visible signs of acne with a long-lasting matte coverage. Powerful acne treatment penetrates the skin to target blackheads and whiteheads or any type of acne vulgaris, in addition to preventing future blemishes from developing. ZO Correct and Conceal offers advanced phyto-technology extracted from Sichuan Pepper to help soothe and calm skin. The skin is nourished with clinically proven Ceramide 2, manuka honey and jojoba esters, allowing acne vulgaris to heal.

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ZO Correct & Conceal Acne Treatment Light – Benefits

  • Conceal –Concealer provides a long-lasting, matte coverage
  • Treat – Powerful acne medication treats and prevents spots on the skin’s surface and deep within the pores
  • Clean – Added tea tree oil helps keep skin clean and reduces bacteria
  • Soothe – Combats redness & irritation associated with acne lesions
  • Exclusive multi-action redness minimiser system relieves discomfort associated with acne
  • Triple-action nourishing complex hydrates skin while helping to prevent poor healing that can lead to post-acne marking and scarring

Size 2.5 g
pH Anhydrous


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