ZO Exfoliation Accelerator 10%

ZO Exfoliation Accelerator 10%, 50ml

Exfoliation Accelerator

This Exfoliant Accelerator supports the removal of dead cells and promotes skin surface renewal thanks to its unique combination of glycolic and lactic acid. The advanced anti-irritant is packed full of antioxidants and calming aloe, chamomile and green tea to help soothe and nourish skin. This effective exfoliant is perfect for sun damaged, rough textured and acne-prone skin and can even help prevent future skin damage.

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ZO Exfoliation Accelerator 10% – Benefits 

  • Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) complex offers a mild yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and increases cell turnover, helping to improve skin texture and even tone
  • Advanced anti-irritant and moisturising chemistry help soothe and support the recovery of sun damaged skin
  • Additional antioxidants to help prevent future skin damage

Size:  50 mL
pH: Approximately 3.0



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