Smokers Lines Affecting Upper Lip

Smoker’s lines are the thin vertical lines that surround the lips, thought to be caused by the repeated puckering of the lips when sucking on cigarettes, though they also appear in those who have never smoked. They are caused by changes in skin elasticity during ageing as well as the repeated movement of the muscles in the area. Smoker’s lines can make the face appear tired, sad and aged.  However, they can be banished by treatment with dermal fillers. Injection of dermal fillers into this area restores volume, effectively filling in the lines. The cost for this treatment is from £290, depending on the amount of filler required; those with fine lines will require less filler for the same effect. The results typically last six to 12 months and can be done in one quick clinic visit with immediate effects. Book in today with Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Stephen Humble, who can design a personalised treatment plan to alleviate your concerns. Call today to book a consultation.

From £290
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