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Smokers Lines
Affecting The
Upper Lip

Repeated pursing of the lips over time combined with environmental stresses, including smoking, can result in undesirable lines that can really age the area around the mouth. These can be softened with the awarding winning Teoxane hyaluronic acid filler to achieve a very natural improvement.

Smokers lines in a mature woman

Smoker’s lines are the thin vertical lines that surround the lips, thought to be caused by the repeated puckering of the lips when sucking on cigarettes, though they also appear in those who have never smoked. They are caused by changes in skin elasticity during ageing as well as the repeated movement of the muscles in the area. Smoker’s lines can make the face appear tired, sad and aged. However, they can be banished by treatment with dermal fillers. Injection of dermal fillers into this area restores volume, effectively filling in the lines.

What are Smokers’ Lines?

Small vertical lines known as smokers’ wrinkles appear across the lip’s actual surface as well as the skin that runs from the upper lip lines towards the nose. They frequently cross the mouth from one side to the other, giving the lower face an uneven, cracked appearance that might give the impression of ageing and anguish. Although they are quite minute, they frequently form in bunches over a person’s lips, giving the entire mouth region a wrinkled appearance. Smokers’ wrinkles may appear darker, deeper, and more obtrusive than they actually are because lipstick frequently “bleeds” and settles in the crevices that form.

In comparison to the lines that develop on the lips themselves, smokers’ lines that develop between the upper lip and nose are frequently more apparent.

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Why Do I Get Smokers Lines?

Because they appear over time, smokers’ lines are a normal side effect of ageing. Our skin gradually produces less collagen and elastin as we age naturally. These vital skin proteins maintain the suppleness and moisture of our skin. They keep it smooth and stiff while allowing it to flex and snap back. However, after the age of 20, our bodies begin to manufacture 1% less collagen and elastin year. Skin becomes thinner and less elastic as a result, making it more prone to wrinkle development. Vertical lines start to appear as a result, and our lips become less full and luscious.

Dr Basi examining a patient in clinic for consideration of treatment with botox and hyaluronic acid filler

How Much Will the Smokers Line Treatment Cost?

The cost for this treatment is £350. The results typically last six months and can be done in one quick clinic visit with immediate effects. Book in today with our expert Consultants in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Humble and Dr Basi, who can design a personalised treatment plan to alleviate your concerns.

Before and after treatment of smokers lines with hyaluronic acid filler

Fillers for Smoker’s Lines Treatments

With an injectable lip filler procedure, smokers’ lines can be diminished quickly and easily. Lip fillers using award-winning hyaluronic acid reduce the creases around the mouth and upper lip. With their potent hyaluronic acid formulation, which holds water in the skin’s dermis, they rapidly enhance the volume of deep-set wrinkles. These non-permanent hyaluronic acid fillers also encourage the body to produce collagen naturally, which encourages collagen cells to multiply and replenish themselves over time. This significantly lessens the look of smokers’ lines while also assisting patients in achieving thicker, fuller lips for nine to eighteen months. To achieve this, we use Teoxane Teosyal fillers, which won the award for best dermal filler product at the prestigious Aesthetic Awards in 2022.

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Get in contact with the specialists at Hedox Clinic right away if you want to lessen the appearance of your smokers lines and restore a naturally youthful appearance. We provide the best smoker line fillers in London. We have an aftercare service for all of our clients and give a FREE initial consultation to talk about your desires and goals. We are convinced that your smoker’s lines will appear much reduced when you leave Hedox Clinic, and we aim to surpass your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smokers Line Treatments London​

Smoker’s lines filler treatment with hyaluronic acid is an effective way to reduce the severity of the fine lines that appear particularly in the upper lip area. Smoker’s lines are accentuated when we purse out lips to kiss, whistle or blow and of course when drawing on a cigarette. Although they are called smoker’s lines, even non-smokers can develop them as part the ageing process and hence are also known as ‘lipstick lines’. They are associated with loss of elastin and collagen within the skin itself. It is normal to have creases in the area immediately above and below the lips when we purse our lips, but if the creases are noticeable and prominent even when the face is completely relaxed then smoker’s lines filler treatment with hyaluronic acid may be a good option to consider.

Smoker’s lines filler treatment with high quality hyaluronic acid administered by a highly trained medical professional is an exceptionally safe treatment. The treatment is designed to simply soften and smooth the fine lines and crepiness above the lips and around the mouth as appropriate to achieve a very natural result. It is normal to have some degree of lines when we purse our lips but this treatment aims to really minimise this as far as possible. It is worth noting that hyaluronic acid treatment is a more effective method for treating smoker’s lines than invasive surgery.


Although the procedure has an excellent safety record, there are minor risks associated with any medical procedure that is performed. In this case this includes infection, allergy, asymmetry, bruising, suboptimal result and vascular occlusion, but this is exceptionally rare.

As with all medical aesthetics treatments the volume of dermal filler required for smoker’s lines will vary from patient to patient. Generally speaking, anywhere from 0.5ml to 2ml per side may be required, and up to 4ml in total.

Interestingly, the act of smoking itself is not the cause of smoker’s lines. In fact, the reason these lines are also referred to ask lipstick lines is because clients who wear lipstick notice the leeching or bleeding of the lipstick into these lines. The lines themselves are part of the ageing process and due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin within the skin’s matrix, are usually more noticeable and deeper above the top lip, with a loss of volume and elasticity. The cumulative effects of smoking on collagen breakdown coupled with the overuse of the muscles pursing around the cigarettes will have additional impact on these lines, as will sun damage.

Clients may feel these lines are unsightly and this is where dermal fillers can offer a quick and simple solution. Injection of dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid will plump the deepened lines, lifting the tissue up and resulting in a smoother texture to the skin around the mouth.

The total cost of smoker’s lines dermal fillers will depend on the volume of filler required. Your consultant will discuss your individual needs based on assessment. Fillers at Hedox Clinic begin at £290.00.
Dermal filler treatment for smoker’s lines is a very safe procedure. The benefits include an immediate impact on your look with relatively long-lasting results. There is always the risk of some side effects e.g. redness, swelling, bruising and minimal tenderness around the treatment areas. Most people that have smoker’s lines filler treatment will experience some very minor bruising, that should subside over 24-48 hours allowing your skin to heal adequately and for the fillers to settle into the areas of loss. However, approximately 10 per cent of people may experience significant bruising that may last for one week and because of this, smoker’s lines filler treatment should not be carried out just before an important public event or similar.
As with all aesthetic treatments it is advised to follow the post-treatment recommendations of your clinic to minimise swelling and bruising but in most cases you should be able to get back to your daily life 24-48 hours following your appointment.
Pleasingly, you should see an immediate effect from dermal filler treatment to smoker’s lines and a final settling of the filler within two weeks post-treatment. This treatment is likely to last for 9 months but will depend on variables including age, smoking status, genetic factors and previous aesthetic treatments.