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Did you know that foot Botox is a thing? When we leave the comfort of our trainers, flats, Crocs or boots behind and don the high heels, some of us manage it fine and some of us…well, we’re hobbling by the end of the day/night. For the team in this camp, here’s the solution; High heel Botox, also known as the stiletto lift! Toxin is injected into the arch of the foot into the muscles to reduce pain and dermal filler is injected into the balls of the foot to act as a cushion pad and absorb the pressure. High Heel Botox is popular amongst celebrities and is a treatment that is growing in popularity, especially for regular high heel wearers.

The combination of the toxin into the muscles and the dermal filler into the balls of the feet, helps provide much needed relief when wearing high heels. The pressure absorbed into the filler, in the ball of the foot can significantly reduce the painful pressure feeling you get when you wear heels. The high heel treatment can enable you to wear heels all day with little or no pain.

Krystyna, our clinic manager tried out the stiletto lift with Dr Stephen Humble before a friend’s wedding. She usually suffers with pain wearing heels, even for a short period of time. So, a full wedding day and night of dancing would put the treatment to the test!  She kindly reviewed it for us and was over the moon with the outcome –

👠 Heels ALL day

💃🏻 Lots of dancing

🙌🏼 NO pain on the day or the next day

If you would like to learn more about the stiletto lift, we have a video of Krystyna’s full review on our Instagram page.

Don’t let foot pain keep you from wearing the shoes you love! Book online, or contact us if you’re interested on 0208 1857273 or book online now.