Sunken Cheekbones

Sunken cheeks are an unfortunate consequence of ageing. With time, skin loses its natural elasticity and begins to thin and sag. This manifests in sunken cheekbones where they appear to fall into the bones of the face, rather than protrude outwards, altering the look of facial contours.


Sunken cheeks are predominantly caused by the gradual decline in collagen as we age and lead to a hollow and skeletal look in the face.  These changes can make someone appear gaunt and tired-looking. Changes in collagen are not the only culprit here however. The body also stops producing as much subcutaneous fat, which would normally make the cheeks bright and plump, and may stop supporting the facial muscles that contribute to rounded cheeks. In addition, the actual bones themselves may reduce a little with ageing.  Environmental factors such as poor diet, illness and smoking also accelerate these processes.

Fortunately, treatment with dermal fillers can restore this fullness and turn back the clock. Placement of dermal fillers into both sides of the face, paying careful attention to areas of concern, can restore volume in the cheeks, refreshing the face and creating a more plump and youthful appearance.

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