Tear Trough Filler

Instantly refresh the face by reducing the appearance of darkened eye bags while addressing fine lines, wrinkles and crepey age-related skin for a smoother and brighter complexion

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Under Eye Filler

If you are looking for someone experienced in performing tear trough filler treatment in London, you have come to the right place. Here at Hedox Clinic we are a cosmetic clinic who take great pride in providing clients throughout London and the surrounding areas with a range of treatment options, including tear trough fillers that help to reduce the appearance of eye bags and under eye lines in the under eye area. The tear trough fillers that we provide to clients throughout London are a non surgical procedure also known as eye bag fillers and under-eye fillers, no matter what you are searching for, you can rest assured that the team at Hedox Clinic are here to help. Tear trough dermal fillers can be expected to last for 6 – 12 months depending on the amount of filler that has been used and is injected between your under-eye area and upper cheek. Dark circles and bags that appear under the eyes can be caused as a natural result of ageing and even stress, creating a tired-looking appearance. The under-eye fillers that we offer to clients throughout London address any dark circles, under-eye bags and wrinkles around the under-eye area, helping you to create youthfully and a rejuvenated look. Tear trough filler treatments are a cosmetic procedure that uses injectable treatments called dermal filler treatments, which use hyaluronic acid administered by highly experienced cosmetic doctors to restore lost volume and create a more youthful appearance.

We offer a range of tear trough treatments, all of which are carried out by a highly trained professional team and following thorough consultation and assessment, you’ll be in the safe hands of an experienced cosmetic doctor. After you undergo tear trough treatment at Hedox Clinic, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and looking great too. For more information or to book an appointment be sure to get in touch with us today. At Hedox Clinic, we understand that living with poor skin or being unhappy with your appearance can affect a person’s well-being as well as how they feel. The team at Hedox only offers the best tear trough treatments in the London area including under-eye bag fillers and dermal fillers. Assessments and treatment at Hedox will be carried out by expert and fully qualified practitioners, all treatments are performed in hygienic and safe clinics, with only premium products used to deliver our expert injections and other treatments after a medical history check. For more information on tear trough procedures and our other dermal filler treatments, skin care, and beauty treatments in London, call on the services at Hedox Clinic today.

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Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

40 minutes total appointment time, including approx 30 minutes treatment time.


1ml = £450
1ml + Crow's Feet Botox + eye cream = £590

Number Of Treatments

One treatment appointment, plus essential and complimentary two week post-treatment review

Recovery Time / Final Results

24-48 hours* / Instant-14 days

Please note any bruising or swelling should subside within this time frame, however may take longer in some cases

Post-Treatment Skincare/Maintenance

- SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier
- SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex
- SPF 30+

Duration Of Results

9-12 months

* Please avoid the following post-treatment:​

- Touching the treated area or applying makeup for the remainder of the day
- Sleeping or lying down for a minimum of 3 hours
- Increasing blood flow to the face for 24 hours (e.g. vigorous exercise, sauna, alcohol, spicy foods, air travel)
- Massaging the treated area and tight fitting hats/helmets for 3 days if treatment was to the forehead area
- Exfoliation or peels
- Sun exposure; daily protection to the skin with SPF 30-50 is strongly recommend (includes tinted SPF)

Why choose tear trough fillers?

There are many reasons why individuals choose to have tear trough fillers. The main reason individuals choose to have tear trough filler treatment is concern over dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. Eye bag fillers are the perfect way for those who are looking to restore volume to tired-looking eyes, other benefits include:

  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • Restores volume
  • Rejuvenates tired-looking eyes
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Quick treatment with instantly visible results

Under eye filler in London

When you choose Hedox Clinic for tear trough filler treatment in London, you can rest assured that our team will provide you with an under-eye filler treatment that helps to enhance your appearance and looks more youthful. It is customary that we would treat the following conditions with tear trough filler: 

For more information on the best tear trough filler injections in London, or to discuss the under-eye filler treatment cost, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Hedox Clinic. A member of our team will always be happy to answer your questions and book you a FREE consultation where medical history will be taken into account. The team at Hedox Clinic are well known for providing the best tear trough treatment and other injectable treatments in London but don’t just take our word for it, read our tear trough filler reviews. The dermal filler injections that we use for tear trough treatments help to enhance your natural youthfulness without the need for invasive surgery. An under-eye hyaluronic acid filler can be used to replace lost volume and reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles in the tear trough area under the eyes and above the upper cheek.

At Hedox Clinic, we want our patients to not just look but feel good, this is without the need for surgery or recovery time. At Hedox Clinic we bring highly qualified, senior, Harley Street medical expertise to our clients across London, and we maintain that it’s our mission to provide the best tear trough fillers in London. From tear trough fillers to under-eye fillers and more, we offer a range of filler treatments. With all treatments carried out by highly trained professionals, you’ll be in safe hands with us. After treatment at Hedox Clinic, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and looking great too, any mild swelling to the tear trough area will go down within 2 weeks. For more information or to book an appointment be sure to get in touch with us today.

Tear trough fillers for facial rejuvenation

If you are searching for the best place to get tear trough fillers near me in London, then there is no need for you to look any further. Here at Hedox Clinic, we ensure that the dermal fillers that we use are made up of the best Hyaluronic acid available, to ensure you receive quality treatment that you know is safe and provide you with safe and effective treatments for your tear trough rejuvenation. The team at Hedox Clinic offer professional tear trough treatment services to clients who both live and work in London. When you attend our clinic for a FREE consultation you can rest assured that our cosmetic and aesthetic treatment experts will discuss your goals and help you to decide the best course of action that suits your requirements. The team at Hedox Clinic specialise in providing non-surgical tear trough treatments throughout London. The fillers that we use are completely safe and perfect if you are looking to reduce the dark circles around your eyes and rejuvenate your eye bag area.

Best tear trough fillers London

The vital question to ask before undergoing cosmetic treatments is how safe that treatment is. At Hedox Clinic, we are known for providing the best tear trough fillers in London, for more information on the tear trough fillers that we provide, simply call our professional and friendly team to discuss any queries and questions you may have. Fillers are known for being an effective option for those who have under-eye bags or are looking to brighten up their complexion and reduce tired eyes. The ageing process tends to affect the delicate eye circle area (the tear troughs), and, with time, these will start to look more prominent. This change tends to create an under-eye hollow area, as well as dark circles and an unfortunate exhausted look. Tear trough fillers can help to refresh the face as well as brighten up your appearance, the filler can support the facial contouring around the eyelids and cheeks, as well as avoid the need for more permanent surgery and create natural-looking results.

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Why choose Hedox Clinic?

At Hedox Clinic all aesthetic treatments and injections are performed by Dr Humble, an expert qualified at level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine, the highest level of qualification in the UK. At our London clinics, we only use premium products to deliver our expert injections. When you choose Hedox Clinic you can expect:

  • A FREE consultation with Dr Humble prior to the tear trough treatment
  • Treatments administered by a fully qualified doctor in aesthetic medicine
  • We specialise in delivering natural, symmetrical and youthful results
  • Treatments performed at hygienic and safe clinical locations throughout London
  • Dedicated and friendly support team to answer your queries and take bookings

Our team will ensure that you are provided with a professional and quality service, including information provision relating specifically to tear trough dermal filler treatment to ensure you have the smoothest journey and outcome possible.