Weak Chin/Jawline

A weak chin, sometimes known as a recessive chin or weak jawline, occurs when the lower jaw is significantly smaller than the upper jaw, making it appear that the lower jaw has receded. It may occur due to a developmental defect in the womb resulting in a lower jaw that is smaller in size, or due to trauma. Facial trauma, particularly trauma to the lower face, may damage the bone and cause a less prominent jawline. Another cause, albeit rare, is a condition known as receding chin. This manifests as a gradual reduction in lower jaw size and can be caused by dental issues (e.g. overcrowded teeth or even removal of multiple teeth), lower jaw arthritis or surgical removal of parts of the jaw bone, and generally presents first during the teenage years. A weak chin is less pronounced, creates an unbalanced lower face and can even cause problems eating and with speech. 

Dermal fillers are an excellent treatment option that can work wonders for a weak chin or jawline. Contact us today and we can create a personalised treatment plan to target your concerns and you can be on your way to a stronger looking jawline in no time. Additionally, the placement of dermal fillers can balance out the lower face, improve your front and side on profiles and even avoid the appearance of a double chin – a win-win situation!

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