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Will fillers make me look fake?

Will fillers make me look fake?

Maybe you’ve considered having dermal fillers because you’ve dreamt of having more structured cheekbones, a more defined jawline, smoothing out your wrinkles or getting plumper lips, but the reality of having the treatment worries you because you’re scared of looking ‘overdone’ and wondering if fillers will make you look fake.

We’ve all seen the images on social media and in the press of people that have gone too far or who looked better pre-treatment. The key is in the injector. When performed by a medically qualified, experienced practitioner who is excellent at sculpting and artistry and sees the face as a whole, they can achieve symmetry and harmony of the face without losing your natural look.

Done well, dermal fillers can be an amazing, versatile treatment. They have the ability to shape the face, boost volume, reduce wrinkles and improve the condition of the skin. They smooth, nourish and give extra contour.

“The secret to a good dermal filler treatment is that it should be undetectable. Once you’ve had the treatment, our aim is for people to notice that you look great, but not know what you’ve had done.  The best work is basically invisible, you just look fresher, younger and glowing.” comments Dr Humble.

Some patients can end up looking over-treated or un-natural because they ask for more and more filler and their injector agrees. The best injectors will decline when needed, if the best results can be achieved with less filler. If your injector says no, it’s best to listen to them – they have technical knowledge, experience and your best interests at heart to achieve optimum results.


Will fillers make me look fake – How fillers are used in different parts of the face

will fillers make me look fake? TTTear trough fillers – Can be used to make you look less tired, restore hollows under your eyes, improve saggy skin and fine lines around your eyes, improve dark circles and rejuvenate your eye area. These are possibly the less known filler but can make a huge difference to your overall look when done well and are very unlikely to make you look overdone.

Cheek fillers – These can reshape or boost your cheek area, restore lost volume as you age, smooth out lines and wrinkles and make you look younger and more rejuvenated. Cheek fillers are one of the most popular forms of dermal fillers and can be overused. It is important to use an experienced, medically qualified practitioner who can advise you and perform the treatment to achieve your desired results. They can deliver natural and subtle improvements to your structure when done well.

will fillers make me look fake lip filler

Lip fillers – These can be used to reshape your lips, add volume to your lips, create symmetry to your lips and smooth out fine lines. These are increasingly popular, but also the treatment that unfortunately often perpetuates the ‘Will fillers make me look fake?’ fears. It is often the treatment that some people and injectors overdo, resulting in un-natural results. Brilliant, natural results can be achieved with lip filler, enhancing your natural shape, subtly boosting the volume of one or both lips and smoothing out the lips, all without looking too obvious. The best injectors will achieve this and guide you through the process.

Jawline fillers – Jawline fillers can create a more chiselled appearance, make the face look slimmer and achieve a more youthful appearance. Jawline fillers can also be used to treat age-related jowling and the appearance of loose skin around  the chin, throat and décolletage. These need to be done by a skilled aesthetic doctor to achieve the desired results.


As dermal fillers physically lift the skin by adding volume, a beautiful tightened appearance can be created. When done correctly, they can offer a natural enhancement to your face, without looking overdone.

It’s so important to see a registered medical professional for filler treatments who understands the anatomy of the face. The face has many underlying structures including nerves and vessels and an experience professional knows the areas to avoid.  If the injector is untrained, there’s risk of ineffective or unsatisfactory results or even worse, infection or damage.

Dr Humble advises “The best thing to do is to seek out an experienced, medically qualified practitioner and have an assessment prior to your treatment to discuss your needs in detail and ask any questions or concerns that you have.

During and post treatment, also listen to their advice. An area might look like it needs more filler to you, but as an aesthetic doctor, we can use our experience and observe from angles that you can’t see to know it will give an unnatural contour.

I always consider the impact to the entire face and do not focus on just removing any single line, wrinkle or just filling one single area. I work on adding volume, whilst creating symmetry and enhancing your organic structure whilst maintaining a natural appearance. After all, when done well, fillers should be invisible!” Dr Stephen Humble added.

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