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Will I have to have anti-ageing injections forever once I start?

There is often a concern with anti-ageing injections that once you start having them, you will have to have them forever. I get asked this often in clinic when people are considering having them or when they are about to have their first one. So, I thought it would be useful to do a blog post on this for anyone else wanting to know the answer to the question – Will I have to get anti-ageing injections forever?

botox injections

We know that the substance injected with anti-ageing injections works by limiting or stopping the muscle movements that create the lines in our face after repeated tiny movements over and over again. If you have  anti-ageing injections and continue to do so, these lines will stay minimal or not form at all, i.e., the injections can prevent the wrinkles from developing and getting worse.

If you’re considering anti-ageing injections, it can be a good idea to try it once to see if it’s for you, following appropriate assessment. If it is suitable for you, and it is indeed an excellent treatment for many people with a very good safety profile, then you are likely to want to have it again. However, it’s not something in any way addictive like a drug that you can become addicted to, it’s simply a case of being impressed by the results and wanting to continue having the anti-ageing injections.

If you decided after one treatment, two treatments or multiple treatments, that it’s not for you, or you are not able to continue with the injections, it would be quite easy to simply stop. There would be no negative impact on your skin at all.  You will find the lines you have prevented will eventually develop as your muscles have free movement, but these lines will not have been made worse by having had the injections previously, if anything, the treatment will have delayed these changes to your skin by the length of time you’d been having the treatment. Plus, you had enjoyed wrinkle-free skin whilst you had the injections!

So, my advice would be, if you’re considering having anti-ageing injections, book in with a qualified aesthetic doctor for a consultation who can discuss your requirements in full.

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