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ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program, the full package for at-home skincare

ZO Aggressive anti aging Kit

ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program, the full package for at-home skincare

The ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program is a comprehensive range of products developed for the treatment of deeper lines and wrinkles, thinning skin, hyperpigmentation and sun damage including sun spots.

This significant anti-ageing program delivers potent ingredients and a powerful combination of products to target multiple skin concerns. It delivers high concentrations of retinol, working simultaneously with other active ingredients to aid its efficacy.  This kit is perfect for anyone who is noticing signs of wrinkles, discolouration, sun spots, skin laxity, large pores and photodamage and really wants to get the best out of their skin and boost their overall skin health.

Benefits of the ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program

  • Reduces the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles
  • Minimises the appearance of hyperpigmentation and ‘age spots’
  • Promotes a more even-looking skin tone
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Great program to support laser or medical treatments

Contents of the ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program

Hydrating Cleanser – 60 ml  

The dual action cleanser is great for normal to dry skin. It cleanses the skin removing traces of dirt, oil and make-up. The calming cleanser hydrates the skin, whilst retaining moisture and minimising dryness and irritation for sensitive skin. 

Exfoliating Polish – 16.2 g

This polish exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells and preventing clogged pores thanks to magnesium crystals, leaving a clearer, smoother and more toned appearance to the skin.

Complexion Renewal Pads – 30 Pads

These dual-action moistened pads help minimise surface oil and exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells and dirt. They help calm and soothe irritated skin.

Daily Power Defense – 30 ml

This super product is a powerful antioxidant serum with potent active ingredients designed to protect the skin from free-radical damage, improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, tighten and firm the skin and promote overall skin health.

Radical Night Repair – 30 ml

This is a vital product in the program and ensures maximum anti-ageing benefits. It is formulated with 1% retinol to improve the skin elasticity and helps improve uneven pigmentation, brightness and reduce appearance of brown spots. Regular use helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Radical Night Repair also provides antioxidant protection against signs of free radical damage. This product can cause drying and some peeling on early use until the skin becomes accustomed to the active ingredients.

Radical Night Repair Product Highlights:

  • Multiple antioxidant protection to prevent future skin aging and protect from free-radicals – Vitamins C, E and A, edelweiss and marubium vulgare plant stem cells
  • Reduction of inflammation and redness and restore tone – Zanthoxylum bungeanum (sichuan pepper) fruit extract, sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract
  • Hydrates and restores the skin barrier with essential lipids to brighten and hydrate skin – Glycerin and plukenetia volubilis seed oil

Renewal Crème – 50 ml

This luxurious hydrator restores and supports moisture levels in the skin thanks to the Sodium Hyaluronate and jojoba ester, whilst vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection.  The oat and Canadian willowherb extracts provide calming and soothing properties and reduce visible redness and photosomes restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.

How to use the ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program

Hydrating Cleanser  – Massage a small amount on a damp face and neck. Rinse thoroughly. Use am and pm daily.

Exfoliating Polish – Gently massage a small amount onto a damp face and neck. Rinse thoroughly. Use this every few days to start with and build up to daily if your skin tolerates it.

Complexion Renewal Pads – Gently wipe a pad over the face morning and evening prior to applying your skincare products.

Daily Power Defense – Apply to clean, dry skin, am and pm

Radical Night Repair – Apply to clean, dry skin pm only

Renewal Crème –  Apply to clean, dry skin. Every morning or as needed

This kit is a great, comprehensive kit for someone looking for a complete range. We would also recommend however adding a high factor, broad spectrum SPF to your routine to support this program. It is important to protect your skin at all times from photo-damage by using an SPF daily, but especially when using retinol products as in the ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program.

To purchase the ZO Skin Health Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program or any other ZO Skin Health products, it is a requirement to have a consultation with an approved specialist. Please contact us to arrange this.  We offer skin consultations with our Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Stephen Humble who will carry out an assessment of your skin and discuss your skin concerns and recommend the best products for your skin.

If you would like to discuss or order any ZO products, please contact the Hedox Clinic to arrange a remote consultation on 0208 185 7273 or email us at info@hedoxclinic.co.uk

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