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What is the best age to get anti-ageing injections?

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What is the best age to get anti-ageing injections?

This is a good question and it entirely depends on your skin and also the reason you are getting the injections. There is no right and wrong age to start getting anti-ageing injections.

The decision may be better made based on how strong the creases are in your face.

If you move your face and you have no wrinkles at all and no creases at all, then it’s too early to consider anti-ageing injections.

If you have no significant lines or creases when your face is relaxed, but when you frown or scrunch up your eyes you have strong creases, that’s the perfect time to start anti-ageing injections as a preventative measure.

If you wait until you have strong creases present even when your face is relaxed, it’s too late as a preventative measure.  However, you can still get a significant benefit from having anti-ageing injections, although it is harder to undo strong creases and may take longer to achieve a great result. So ideally, it’s better to start before it gets to that stage.

When should I get anti-ageing injections and how they can help:

Those aged in their 20’s – Starting anti-ageing injections in your late 20’s will help prevent wrinkles in your 30’s. Consider it now as a preventative measure. Also, consider if you have exposed your skin to excessive sun over the years.

Those aged in their 30’s – you may have noticed the fine lines and wrinkles have started to appear. These may be on your forehead or around your eyes when you smile.  Starting anti-ageing injections now will prevent these becoming deeper and there is still time for a great preventative effect. You could also consider these if your skin has been exposed to lots of sun, you are a smoker or you lead a stressful lifestyle. All of these can impact the ageing of the skin.

For those aged in their 40’s – Lines will likely be more noticeable. Frown lines, surprise lines, crowfeet. These can get deeper. It is not too late to start anti-ageing injections. They would help smooth out the lines and prevent them from developing further. Dermal fillers may also help to counteract volume loss within the face.

Sun damage, stressful lifestyles, alcohol intake, late nights and diet can all affect the skin’s ability to repair itself and impact ageing. If any of these may apply to you, then an anti-ageing injection could help with your skin’s appearance.

Those aged in their 50’s – You can experience significant hormonal changes during this time and this can be seen in your skin. Lines, particularly around the eyes, between the eyebrows, forehead and mouth become more pronounced.  Anti-ageing injections can help smooth these out if they have already developed.

Lower oestrogen levels can make the skin less elastic and make it more difficult to retain moisture, so wrinkles are more likely to develop. Anti-ageing injections could still be very helpful but will not make you look 30 again.

Those aged in their 60’s and over – Anti-ageing injections are unlikely to prevent wrinkles from developing if you start them now, but they can help the skin to look smoother and firmer. Anti-ageing injections at this stage would almost certainly require to be combined with dermal fillers for the deeper creases.

Anti-ageing injections alone will not prevent wrinkles. You will also need to take care of and protect your skin. Sun damage is the biggest cause of ageing skin. To prevent this, always wear a high SPF year-round and wear a hat in the sunshine. There are lots of other things you can do to look after your skin over the years to keep it at its best possible health. As well as protecting it from the sun every day, it is also important to keep it clean with a good cleanse, nourish the skin with a hydrating serum or antioxidant treatment and exfoliate the skin to encourage cell regeneration.  This will all help promote excellent skin health that will have your friends and family asking what your secret is.

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